WM is now Motel’s PR french office

Dear all,

We are happy to announce we are now officialy the french PR office for Motel.

For a dress count approximately 40 euros.
For knitwear count approximately 50 euros.
For a top count approximately 30 euros.

If you need any documents or products for editorials feel free to ask antonin@justwm.com

Motel, Punk, Left-Field, Retro & Fun-Filled Killer-Style Clothing:
Rifling through the fabulous thrift stores of the West Coast of the States all the way back in 1999, the Motel crew was struck by something. A realisation spoke to them; the UK needed a vintage-inspired, prints-driven brand to sink their hungry for innovative fashion teeth into. Motel was born, creating classy and stunningly-crafted tops, trousers, dresses and skirts in a huge array of styles and with an ever-expanding list of inspirations.
While the name Motel may conjure up images of seedy establishments to some, it also calls to mind classic, affordably-priced American living , which is where Motels come in. The brand provides the young British fashionista with a veritable thrift-store feel that looks great, fits fabulously, and does not cost the earth.

Motel feels no need to splatter their name across the chest of their clothes in an inane effort to get more punters; they need no gimmicks or tricks for the crowds to come flocking. But instead Motel just keeps on reinventing vintage-wear to create punk, left-field, retro and fun-filled killer-style.

Maybe this is why Motel has fast been discovered by style magazines such as WAD and why weekly sightings can be found in the best fashion titles; Grazia, Cosmopolitan, Harpers Bazaar, In-Style, Now, Reveal and Look to name a few. Then there are the fashion elite who continue to track Motel down; supermodels Gisele, Claudia Schiffer and Naomi Campbell are all fans, along with fashion lovers Peaches Geldoff and Fern Cotton, while modish musician supporters include Duffy, Kate Nash, the Saturdays, Bo Pepper, New Young Pony Club, Ida Maria, Robyn, Diana Vickers, Alexandra Burke and the Ting Tings!

Motel are quickly becoming a powerhouse of the fashion market, and what’s more they are doing so by not taking themselves too seriously, a brand unafraid of excess, always moving forward ready to inspire you to add a bit more quirk into your wardrobe.



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