WM Loves… Pom Klementieff

An angelic face with a rebelious soul, Pom decided at the age of 19 to break free and follow her lifelong dream of becoming an actress : «After graduating from high school, I went to law school but after a couple weeks I realized that it obviously wasn’t my thing. I’ve always been fascinated by the power of image, but also scared of it at the same time ». Thanks to a little luck and much talent,  great maturity and this weak, touching body, Pom joined the «Classe  Libre» of Cours Florent, the Parisian equivalent of New York’s Actor’s Studio. «François Florent, the founder of the school, immediately believed in me and supported me in my artistic choices. He became my mentor. I have infinite admiration for him and great respect». French director Gaël Morel would be the one to launch Pom’s career, by giving her a role alongside Catherine Deneuve in 2007’s « Après Lui », an impressive debut which would raise the attention of the public on the newcomer. «This was a pretty  intense role, especially for someone fresh out of school, as I was back then». Next step would be Jean-Paul Rouve’s «Sans arme ni haine ni violence», in which Pom plays Nhi, a young vietnamese worker going through the hard times of life. A couple weeks after filming, Pom got a call  from director Nicolas Vanier asking her to come for a second audition, for his new project «Loup». To  convince the director, Pom decided to bring out her «exotic» side : instead of dressing in the typical French wannabe‐actress outfit, she tried to be natural, no make‐up and wearing a fur hat. The  director was charmed and Pom eventually got the job after the two of them spent a weekend in the heart of the country. The pair and the rest of the crew started filming in Siberia a month after, with temperatures close to ‐40°. It would be the beginning of an extraordinary adventure, in extreme conditions but made of fabulous moments and one‐of‐a‐kind encounters. «This will remain one of the most beautiful memories of my life. It’d be so hard sometimes I ‘d feel like crying, but I also loved the physical aspect of my part. Danger brings out the best in me. »

Loup, out december 2009 in France and worldwide early 2010 .


Director Nicolas Vanier tells the story of Loup : click here


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  1. Ironie et charisme, tout ce qu’il fallait pour aboutir à ce magnifique résultat.

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