Focus : Chin Hsi

Chin is from Taiwan, where she was born and raised and studied business and accounting. “I am my own business now so these studies turned out to be quite useful! I At least I don’t need anyone to do my accounting and fill the tax papers!”. She first came to Paris when a fellow Taiwanese designer working in Paris invited her for his show.  A few months later, a French makeup artist encouraged her to settle in Paris. “It has become my second home since then. Paris helped me grow up and learnt me what love is. In Asia, people don’t open their hearts and you grow up being prevented from showing your feelings. Paris helped me be more self-confident about my feelings and be able to pronouce those three words more easily“. Chin is amongst the most enthusiastic girls we met about modeling : “I just love modeling. I can’t think of any better job : you meet incredible people, you travel the world. Even if I have to spend an entire day in a frozen pool, I can’t help thinking about how fantastic this job. Plus my mom was a model so I guess it’s in my DNA!”.

View Chin’s book here


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