A New Video Of Tati… Simply Stunning

Tati grew up in the town of Gagra, in Abkhazia, a former Soviet republic on the eastern coast of the Black Sea. “I used to live 5 minutes from the sea. Abkhazia has a tropical climate, similar to the south of Italy. It’s quite an international region, where Muslims live in peace with Orthodoxs, and many nationalities are represented : Greeks, Russians, Italians, etc. But it’s definitely not a country with a fashion scene!”. Originally planning to become a hairdresser, Taty left for Moscow after being scouted at school and meeting a moscovian designer who encouraged her to try her luck in the big city. She then settled in London (“It was my first time travelling abroad and it took me a year to get used to the city. It was a brand new civilization for me, different habits, different culture and people“), and eventually moved to Paris. “I feel at home in Paris. This sounds like a cliché but I love French food, and the architecture here is amazing”. Taty’s passion is drawing, especially portraits : “My dream is to make an exhibition someday with all the portraits I drew over the past years. I might need quite a large room!“.

View Tati’s book here


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