Introducing Dasha Sushko

Dasha is from Chernigov, Ukraine. She recently finished high-school, and is currently following the management and economics program at Kiev University. Dasha is a former gymnastics champion, but unfortunately suffered a knee trauma and had to put an end to her brilliant career – she had already won more than 20 medals and was considered one of the best gymnasts of her country in her age category : “That was really sad for me to be obliged to stop, but at the same time being an athlete and a student at the same time is really hard : I was training every day after school, and had to make my homeworks after the training every night”. Dasha loves painting, citing Picasso as an all-time favorite, and reading, her favorite author being russian poet Anna Akhmatova.

View Dasha’s book here



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2 responses to “Introducing Dasha Sushko

  1. Natalie

    She is found by me, I’m proud (of her and me:))))

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