WM Loves… Fashion Illustrator David Downton

UK-based artist David Downton randomly started fashion illustration in 1996, when he was commissionned by a magazine to draw at the Paris haute couture shows : “It blew me away! I was totally unprepared. Couture really is a parallel universe – I’ve heard it described as the kingdom of indulgence, which is true, but it is also extremely inspiring for an artist or illustrator ; the world’s most beautiful women, designers working without constraint – the sheer theatricality of it all – there is a lot to draw“. Since then, Downton’s works have been featured in Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, Visionaire, The Daily Telegraph. Using a combination of classic techniques, such as watercolor, gouache and coloured inks on paper, he has mastered in celebrity portraits, with a commissioned-portraits portfolio including Dita Von Teese, Erin O’Connor, Anna Piaggi, Lily Cole, Catherine Bailey, just to name a few.




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2 responses to “WM Loves… Fashion Illustrator David Downton

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  2. Nura

    Thank God! Fashion Illustration is not totally dead. I love this artist.

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