WM Loves… Sister Siren


Sister Siren was formed in September 2008, although it had been in WM talent Lenka‘s mind for quite a while. When Sofia (vocals) and Shamala (keyboards) joined Lenka (bass), things really started : Sister Siren was ready to conquer the world. The three-piece power-pop combo, who claims to be exactly the opposite of a silly girls band, quickly established itself in Ukraine as their music started to spread across the nation. “It’s a breath of fresh air for those who miss some real music, especially coming from Female artists. Girls can play live, they live on stage, they write their own music and lyrics, and they bring their ideas to life, experimenting with sounds”, states their MySpace biography. Despite its young age, Sister Siren quickly gained recognition, first by stirring the country with their debut video “Trideo”, and eventually receiving an award for Video of The Year, followed by an award for the best remix at MTV’s Hip Hop R&B awards. Recently opening for Lenny Kravitz and releasing their highly-anticipated second video “Fever”, Sister Siren managed to turned the initial buzz into sustainable success. The girls are currently putting their first album together … Get ready to rock and roll to the new sound of Ukraine.

Sister Siren on MySpace

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