Focus : Eve Tramunt

Eve grew up in Creteil, in the outskirts of Paris. Eve is a former junior track&field champion, specialized in 200 metres sprint. Having started at 9 years old, she participated in many national championships, and eventually trained in France’s top training center for two years with French blind athlete Assia El Hannouni,  the multiple 2004 Paralympics gold-medal winner and world record breaker : “That was such a fulfilling experience. There was something really strong between us, and the way she has managed to overcome her disability is just amazing“.  Unfortunately I had to quit athletics, as it required too much discipline and too many sacrifices. I wanted to live the normal life of a teenager! And of course focus on studies“.  Now an economics student, Eve still runs at least once a week. Curious about the fashion world, she recently submitted her candidacy to WM and immediately catched the booking team’s eye.  “Modeling helps you discover your body and teaches you a lot about yourself. It’s a physical performance comparable to athletics, but also some kind of therapy!”.

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  1. Bertille, j’adore votre blog et votre agence, je viens de le découvrir, excellent!

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